Does RobotFramework run on Windows

Silly question, but i cannot find it in the documentation.
Does Robotframework run on Windows?

Yes it does.

ah OK. When I type robot from the command prompt is says cannot recognised.
I must have not set the path.
I executed:
pip3 install

Where is Robot installed when, as in which folder.?

That’s an unusual way to install, especially for someone not that familiar with robot framework, is there a reason you didn’t just use the standard install method:

pip3 install robotframework

That depends on a lot of things, most notably your os and python version, but generally it gets installed into the “Site Packages” or “bin” directory of your python install, however if this is not included in you operating system’s search path that could be why.

On my Windows 10 VM it’s installed in “C:\Users\Dave\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python37\Scripts”

For me getting it working on Windows 10 was doing the following:

  • install python (I installed from the python website, you can also use the windows software store, but i’ve had issues with some python modules not working when using that method, but that may have been fixed now?)
  • add C:\Users\Dave\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python37\Scripts to my users local path
  • pip3 install robotframework

FYI - robot framework installation documentation

Hope this helps,


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It depends if you installed globally (with Admin rights) or in user directory.

Why you install from a zip package (source code), and not from a .whl package downloaded from ?

Why not just pip3 install robotframework ?

On Windows, python packages are in \Lib\site-packages.

You can confirm installation with:

pip3 show robotframework

When robot.exe or is not found from %PATH% you can call it with (checking version):

<path to Python>\python.exe -m robot --version


python -m robot --version

Go to and read the User Guide.

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Thanks for the reply.
Using the show command, it showed robot was placed in appdata\roaming, rather than appdata\local
All good now, thanks.

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Also note that pip3 is not the Windows way of doing things; python3 / pip3 is used on Linux or Mac, on Windows, just use python and pip.