Use a different data source for multiple test cases!

Dear rfw Expert, I have to do a parallel test. There are a total of 20 test cases, all of which always do the same thing, but only the test data has to be different. For datadriven I used an excel file. I would like to determine individually in a test suite for several test cases which data sheet from excel requires. I hope that I could tell you my problem I am grateful for your support!

I actually do not really understand your question.

You want to use different sheets for some tests?

Could you give an example that is a bit more concrete?

Hello Renè, sorry for not making myself clear. I try this time:
I have a test case that requires 20 different Excel sheets to run the test!
I then created 20 robot files at the moment, and for each one in the
*** Setting ***
Library DataDriver Parallel_40_IdentStations.xlsx sheet_name=sheet2

and for every other robotfile I only specified the attribute “sheet_name=sheetx”!

The question is, is there a possibility that instead of creating 20 robot files, you can simply adjust the “sheet_name” in a robot file?

Thank you very much for your support!

You could modify the xls reader so that it iterates over all sheets.

This is the original xlsx_reader that take only one sheet.
You can modify it.
And then you can use your custom reader.

Thanks for the answer

Hello @René ,
How to iterate over all sheets?