Data-Driven in Parallel: Execute each browser first case of xlsx file


I would like to execute my data-driven(xlsx) cases in paralel. But, when I try to execute with --testlevelsplit , I faced those process;

  • open 1 browser and run suit setup then close
    -after that, opens 12 diffrent bowser and run suit setup then close
    -then, opens 5 diffrent browsers (I have 5 cases in xlsx )
    and each 5 browsers execute first case of xlsx at the same time.

Pabot version 2.1.0, DataDriver version 1.5.0

Do you have any suggestion to solve this problem. I open the issue there but not get answer yet. Could you someone help me?

In this step continue after Suit Setup and execute only fist test case on 5 diffrent browser at the same time.

Hello all,
I could not get any answer from there but I find my mistake, someone face same issue can check dropped link below.