Using DataDriver

Existing script design in *** Test Case ***
I need add changes to read data from excel file and then run execution for each row.
DataDriver design to run scripts from *** Keywords ***.
I try ad next: call from Test2.robot to Test1.log to read excel data -> collect all 10 arguments in Test1.log into list variables add pass it to existing file (Test2.robot)… execution is failed.
Error: Setting ‘Test Template’ is not allowed in resource file.
Is it possible to implement in this way or i need to modify existing script?
Is it possible to do next: read excel in Tes1.robot and run execution to Test2.robot after each line using [Tag] name on Tes2.robot?
I try to read loop, but Collection library from Robot Framework is not found. Do i need to install it separately?


*** Settings ***
Documentation   This is the script for Create Sales Visit Repository
Library     SeleniumLibrary
Library    DataDriver    file=1.xlsx    sheet_name=Sheet1
Test Template   Run Data Driven Steps

*** Test Case ***

*** Keywords ***
Run Data Driven Steps
    [Arguments]    ${Arg1}  ${Arg2}  ${Arg3}  ${Arg4}  ${Arg5}  ${Arg6}  ${Arg7}	 ${Arg8}	 ${Arg9}  ${Arg10}  
    @{ListExcelData}  Create List  ${Arg1}  ${Arg2}  ${Arg3}  ${Arg4}  ${Arg5}  ${Arg6}  ${Arg7}	 ${Arg8}	 ${Arg9}  ${Arg10}  
	[Return]    @{ListExcelData}


*** Settings ***
Library  SeleniumLibrary
Resource    Test1.robot

*** Test Case ***
 [Documentation] About the example test
 [Tags]  Sanity  Testing
 Run Data Driven Steps
     @{ReturnList}  Run Data Driven Steps
     FOR  ${i}  IN RANGE  @{ReturnList}         
           Log    ${i}
  --- use received arguments to run script

  -- call back to Test1.log to get next excel line information

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Why are you not just call all steps you want to call in that keyword?

Run Data Driven Steps
    [Arguments]    ${Arg1}  ${Arg2}  ${Arg3}  ${Arg4}  ${Arg5}  ${Arg6}  ${Arg7}	 ${Arg8}	 ${Arg9}  ${Arg10}  
    FOR    ${arg}    IN      ${Arg1}  ${Arg2}  ${Arg3}  ${Arg4}  ${Arg5}  ${Arg6}  ${Arg7}  ${Arg8}  ${Arg9}  ${Arg10}  
       #Do what ever you want to do with ${arg}

I ty to avoid changes and path list to Test2.robot where adapt it to existing code … looks i have to do it anyway … Thank you