Unable to identify the elements of our client application connected through TightVNC

Only able to see TightVNC(Remote Desktop Software) window objects. We connect to Linux machine where we have our client application called Terminal. To perform automation using Robot framework, we need support on how we can identify the objects.

Thanks for your help.

We used AutoIT, Sikulli, Zoomba libraries still no luck…

Hi Harish,

Let me see if I understood correctly? I interoperate that your current setup looks something like this:

(TightVNC) -------> MachineR
                    (Terminal) -------> MachineT
  • From MachineL you connect to MachineR using TightVNC
  • On MachineR you run the Terminal client application and connect to MachineT

From your question I’m guessing you are trying to run robot framework on MachineL to automate the Terminal client application on MachineR is this correct?

Can you run robot framework MachineR? if so this will make your life much easier.

Can you confirm the OS of (this might help us determine what to suggest):

  • MachineL (Windows 10?)
  • MachineR
  • MachineT