Unable to detect error at solution level

When I open my Robot project in VS code then it doesn’t sense the error in status bar unless I open that specific error containing file.

As you can see in attached screenshot that my VS code is detecting 0 error in project but my project contains error.

Is there any way to detect the errors present in entire project without opening any file once I launch my Robot project in VS code?


Hi Sachin,

I don’t use VS Code myself, but I hear there is more than one robot framework plugin for VS Code, so it would be prudent to mention which one you are using.

Are you expecting that the robot framework plugin for VS Code that you are using will validate all resource files referenced in your current robot file as well as any referenced in those resource files, etc etc?

Is this listed as a feature of the plugin you are using?

Sorry my reply is probably not much help, but you haven’t given enough information for anyone to help you.


I am using Robot Framework Language server as extension as attached.

Also I tried another extension “RobotCode - Robot Framework Support
v0.76.0” but none of them able to resolve this issue.

Solution got from Slack:

First thing Robot Framework Language serve extension is not actively developed anymore.
Ref: Slack

First add extension: RobotCode - Robot Framework Support

for RobotCode Extension you simply have to switch the DiagnosticsMode. Search in the VSCode Settings for the setting robotcode.analysis.diagnosticMode and switch it to workspace .
By default, this setting is set to openFilesOnly , as the workspace-wide analysis can slow things down somewhat.
If you are using another extension, check the settings of the extension to see if there is something similar.


Hi !

Yes Sachin, personally I use VS Code with Robot Code from Daniel Biehl and this works great.
Also I tried to installed the Language server extension (not compatible with robot code at the same time), and indeed the editor was in wreck…

Went back to Robot Code directly.

Best regards