Trying to use Windows Env variable in "External Tools" command line arguments

Hey All… My env variables are not resolving and is being pulled into robot as a literal “%…%” string. Anyone know what is wrong with trying to use:

“–variable TUM_ID:%TUM_ID% --variable TUM_PASSWD:%TUM_PASSWD%”

Windows cli resolves the variable fine (using echo %TUM_ID%).

Robot command output shows it not resolving:

robot -A C:\Code\Projects\WSB\D2C-robot-tests\robot-tests\envParams\WSB_ROW\qaEnvironment_wsb.txt --outputdir C:\Code\Projects\WSB\D2C-robot-tests\robot-tests\tests\WSB_ROW\Results –variable TUM_ID:%TUM_ID% --variable TUM_PASSWD:%TUM_PASSWD% --test “ConCom Dashboard Header Component - Logo Element” C:\Code\Projects\WSB\D2C-robot-tests\robot-tests\tests\WSB_ROW\Agent_Assist_Dashboard.robot