`'robot' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.`

I have pip and robot framework installed.
When I execute the commando:
robot --version
I get the error:
'robot' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

As you can see from the provided image, you have two installations of pythons…
1st one in Appdata\Roaming\Python
2nd one in C:\Python312\

If you don’t need both then I’d suggest to remove the 1st one.

So, the problem here is, your robot framework is in your 2nd location and PATH variable is set for your 1st location, removing one python and setting the correct PATH variable will resolve this issue.

Hope this was helpful. :smile:

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I removed the on in …/AppData/… but the error persists.
Also, when I try to update pip using the command indicated, I get this error.

What is the content of the PATH variable ?

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User variables

System variables

Robot.exe is stored in the \Scripts subdir.
On your installation, robot.exe should be in the directory C:\Python312\Scripts
So first, checks if it is the case.

This dir is already defined in your PATH, so it should be found correctly.

If you didn’t close the DOS cmd after the installation, close and reopen.

You can try after:
where python
where robot
echo %PATH%
pip freeze

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(sorry for multiple replies, I can only add 1 picture per comment)

I realized I do not have robot.exe anywhere, although I installed everything.

I closed DOS and also rebooted the PC after each installation (python, pip, robot).

About the other commands:

I searched for robot and got this:

I could get the robot version with these commands:

python3.12 -m robot --version
py -3.12 -m robot --version

Perhaps something went awry in the install.

Maybe try using the pip --force-reinstall option and reinstall robot framework.

Hopefully this will fix things for you :crossed_fingers: