Tests fails at times with [object error] message

I am using selenium library for performing an IE11 web automation.
Using IE driver 3.14.0 32 bit(as this version allows to run scripts on locked windows machines). The automation runs for almost 12 hours if no errors. The browser is opened only once. Intermittently I see the tests fail with InvalidSelector exceptions with a reason [object Error]. I am not able to identify the issue, as the selector works fine if I restart the test.
Example error:

InvalidSelectorException: Message: Unable to locate an element with the xpath expression //a[@href="http://example.com/example/example?abc=Home"] because of the following error:
[object Error]

packages used: selenium(3.141.0), robotframework 3.2.1, rf-seleniumlibrary 4.4.0 …I also see a webdrivermanager 0.8.0 package while listing packages.

It appears that the page is not loaded correctly after 12 hrs, can you try getting the page source as well as screenshot when this error happens.

The 12 hour schedule is the actual schedule of the bot. So if it doesnt encounter any issue, it ll run for 12 hours .

This error was many times observed even 5 to 10 minutes into the test as well. When this error appears , I believe none of the selenium keywords work after that and test exits. For eg: When this error is encountered, the Get Element Count keyword, which should actually return an integer also fails with the above error message. The wait keywords also fails without even finishing the timeout values.