Test Metadata / Expose information


I’m looking for a way, how to add some information to RF report:
I’m using pabot for test execution and I test insurance systems. Every-time that I create a new insurance, I have keyword that returns me to that given insurance. I just log it into the log output.

But the problem is that I’m running 200+ tests and everytime that I need to look at results, debug something, or just evaluate that everything is ok I need to open test, search for Get Projection ID keyword (the custom one) , open it and check for url.

As I’m running pabot with --testlevelsplit, It would be great if there is some king of Test Metadata that I can use and just add this url to test-level report.

I can use Suite Metadata and just put there
name of test : url but this is not working as it is required
eg.: Screenshot-2022-07-01-at-17-17-47 — ImgBB
I need to set information in the form of <testname>:<url> but only the last one run is stored. Maybe some kind of bug?

One way or another… does anybody idea , how to ‘expose’ this kind of information on the test level , or maybe on the suite level?

I can use WARN level log, but this is not warning, it is just information that I need a quick access to.