How to Report Host Name , Host Version , Platform information in the Report

I see the “set suite metadata” keyword to put required information part of suite setup execution, but I am difficult to find built-in variables that represent current execution system information like Host Name, Host Version, Platform, Mac ID etc. Could you please get where can I get these variables?
My requirement is to show these in the Report.

Hi, i don’t think there is library for this existing. But you can create python keywords that will get you this information and than just call own defined keywords.

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Hi , Thanks for the update.

You probably will need to use the custom python keyword for getting the MAC address, but for the other things you wanted you can use the builtin evaluate keyword to call the python module directly, see example test below:

Example Test
	${OS}= 	Evaluate    platform.system()		platform
	${REL}= 	Evaluate    platform.release()		platform
	${VER}= 	Evaluate    platform.version()		platform
	${HOSTNAME}= 	Evaluate    socket.gethostname()	socket


Hi , Thanks. I developed method to get all system info.