Test execution errors - Disable tested page warnings

Hi, is there a way to avoid these HTML warnings? Unfortunately I have no control over the website I am testing and I was requested to not show those warnings, I have tried adding the --loglevel debug:error but the issue persists. I would like to only log the normal info and error warnings.

Those look like user logged messages. If so you need to change the test cases to remove the log level WARN.

Other option is to work on a copy of output.xml, and remove those elements. Then use rebot to produce the HTML log and report.

Hi @HelioGuilherme66, I got those warnings after updating and changing my docker image and robot and pabot versions, I was able to remove them by using the global argument:

–loglevel ERROR

In my case I used that in this way:


I found in another forum thread that it was possible to bypass the warnings by adding an environment variable like so:


But could not test it out and find any official documentation about it.