Supress "deprecated" Warning

Complete newby to robot framework.
Trying to run “old” tests but getting so many “deprecated” warnings in the command line window that I’m completely loosing the overview.
I’m wondering if there exists a command line option to “suppress” those specific warnings?
Thanks in advance

Well I guess you could run your robot command piped to grep to filter out those warnings for a one off run.
But if it’s likely you need to run these tests again in the future you probably need to invest the time in updating them to the newer format.
Those “deprecated” warnings are there for a good reason, they are warning you that you need to do some maintenance on your test automation before it stops working in the near future.

I have seen quite a few topics on people automating the conversion of their test cases, so search the archives of this forum and the google groups forum for some ideas.

I’ve never actually used the old formats so I can’t really help more than that.