Test case For Open Url But its Failed

I’m New For Robot Framework ,I Install And setup Robot framework in my Linux (Ubantu )Sytem.
I Try write Script For Open URL Using robot framework,so we need to add crome browser exe file in python Script folder But Didn’t Getting Script folder in my system .So getting error and script was failed.Where we add crome exe file or which location Python script folder?
plz guide me resolve my Problem.
Please Check Attached ScreenShot.

Why would you need to do that?
If you enter the command googlechrome --version in a shell terminal, don’t you get a result?

You can have any program in a directory listed in the $PATH environment variable, for example in your $HOME/.local/bin.

Issue is resolved .create virtual environment and save file into venv/bin/ .
But getting Another error (AttributeError: ‘Service’ object has no attribute ‘process’)
Please check attaached screenshot
And guide me to resolve error.

Can someone help me?

Hi Ashwini,

You didn’t mention if you are using SeleniumLibrary or Browser Library? So it’s really hard to figure out what the issue is not even knowing where to start.

Assuming SeleniumLibrary, A couple of things you can try:

  • find out if chromedriver is installed? whereis chromedriver selenium needs this to talk to chrome
  • check the chromedriver version <path to chromedriver>/chromedriver -v it should match the version of chrome you have installed
  • check chromedriver is in your path echo $PATH

Both SeleniumLibrary or Browser Library work on Ubuntu once they are installed with all their prerequisites.