Open browser is not working in selnium 4.10 in robot framework

When i upgraded to selenium 4.10 , open browser keyword is unable to open chrome browser .
Seeing init() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘service_log_path’
I can see some results for selenium python
But i dont see any result for robot framework.
Can anyone suggest how to initiate the browser in robot framework withoit downgrading selenium from 4.10 to 4.9

I found only one solution

Below version is working for me but I’m also wondering what is the issue.
Additionally I put chromedriver in main Python folder.

*** Test Cases ***
Create Webdriver Chrome
Open Browser

A lot of depreciated code was removed in selenium 4.10 and current SeleniumLibrary 6.1.0 is not compatible with this version. There is already issue for it, but for now you have to return to selenium 4.9


Any version update will be released for this issue any idea when they are going to release new version ?

Do i need to downgrade robotframework- seleniumlibrary too.
I downgraded selenium to 4.9 still i see below error
attributeerror ‘service’ object has no attribute ‘process’

Should I need to downgrade robotframework-seleniumlibrary too ?

How do you install your dependencies?

"python3 pip install selenium==4.9 "
In Jenkins shell i will run this above command