Problem with RobotFramework - SeleniumLibrary (Testing an Electron App )


I’m using robotFramework (V 5.0), robotframework-seleniumlibrary(V 6.0.0), ChromeDriver(V 83 - which is compatible with my Electron App) to test a desktop application which is developed with Electron (a framework to build cross-platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS)

I’m using Open Browser keyword with the options argument (can be used to launch Chomium-based applications which utilize the Chromium Embedded Framework)

here is my code:

Open Browser None chrome options=binary_location=r"C:\Haythem\ElectronApp.exe";add_argument(“remote-debugging-port=7070”);add_argument("–no-sandbox") remote_url=http://localhost:9515

  • When I execute my code the desktop application does not launch and the program stops displaying an error :

Any help please!
Thank you,
Haythem HMILA