Simple way to enable WAVE accessibility Chrome extension

I’ve been searching for days for a way to do this. I’ve tried all combinations of sending keys through RIDE, Javascript, Python. Then I figured it out and it’s so simple it’s stupid. See below. And then just get source and send it to a json or text file. This probably works on all Chrome extensions that have a javascript to execute it. Hopefully this will help other newbies like myself. Using Linux btw.

Command in Robot:
Execute Javascript | /home/yourname/.conf/google-chrome/Default/Extensions/blahblahblah/3.0.4_0/wave.min.js

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@gsj Might I suggest you submit this “recipe” to the cookbook - GitHub - adrianyorke/robotframework-cookbook: A curated list of Robot Framework recipes to help beginner and intermediate engineers create test automation scripts faster..

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@gsj For the correctness of language, you should not mention the specific IDE you use, RIDE in this case, but the Test/Case/Suite file, where you add the Step.
Better would be
“Command in Robot:”

PS: Thanks for being an user of RIDE :wink:

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Oops my bad! I updated it!