Setting suite status message on suite setup failure (3.2


When an exception escapes suite setup, the suite fails as expected, all test cases fail as expected, but the suite status message is empty - so our tools don’t pick it up and we have to dig into results to find out what happened.

Here’s an example of an output.xml file - the exception message is part of the suite element as a ‘msg’ element, but it’s not part of the ‘status’ element like it is with the test statuses.

It’s entirely possible that we’re doing something wrong here and that this isn’t something automatically provided, but… I don’t know what I’m doing :smiley: How would I go about making sure the suite status message is set to the exception message, if said exception happens during suite setup?

For context, this is Robot 3.2.2, which we’re using for automated testing of a videogame - and suite setup in this case is connecting to a Switch devkit and deploying the game to it (as that would be VERY slow to do per test).