Scroll Element Into View with Vuejs + MaterializeCSS Side-nav

Dear all,
I need you thoughts about this case for a Vuejs using Materialize CSS Side Nav.
Scroll Element Into View does not scroll into the context of a side-nav menu, where the side-nav div need to be scrolled down to display the targeted element.

It works when the element is outside of the side-nav, but not when the element is inside the side-nav. The error raised is : “MoveTargetOutOfBoundsException: Message: move target out of bounds”. Any idea about that?

My KW is Click Menu
[Arguments] {name} Wait Until Element Is Visible id:menu Click Element id:menu Wait Until Element Is Visible id:side-menu Set Focus To Element id:side-menu Scroll Element Into View {name}

Wait Until Element Is Visible  ${name}
Click Element   ${name}

Are you running this on Google Chrome? If so, what version? And are you absolutely certain that your CSS/XPath selector is correct? Can you share a snippet of your HTML with us?

  • Running on chrome=90.0.4430.72
  • Yes selector is correct. While moving the targeted element outside of the sidenav, it works

Please find here the HTML code (I removed dependency to Vuejs that it is not causing the issue apparently) reproducing the issue :

And here a Robot Test case reproducing the issue :

Any suggestion or advice about this issue?