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Hi I am using SAP application. I would wish to scroll to a particular element and click it. I used built in keyword but scroll is not happening. Can someone advise me pls

Hi Thushar,

  1. Is the element you want to scroll to inside a frame? (Noting your previous SAP frames issue)
    You may need to ensure you are in the frame that contains the element before scrolling to it

  2. do you need to scroll to the right (or left) to get to the element? If so @rasjani made a comment in this thread that scroll to element may not work with horizontal scrolling.

Hopefully one of those helps you find the issue,


sorry for delay. i checked the frame part, i m supposed to scroll vertically

Hi Thushar,

What error did you get from Scroll Element Into View when you tried to scroll to the element? That might give a clue to the problem, right now I can only make guesses.


Hi Dave,

There is no error as such. I give Scroll Element to View and then the locator The execution stands still for sometime and then throws an info saying locator not found.

I tried using Execute JavaScript document.getElementByID(“Idname”).scrollToView(true)
same , if the element is not in view it says locator not found. If element is in view click action happens.


As mentionned here :

Sometimes the Scroll just brings the top of the element in page and stops.
Then either it is not really interactable, or visually hidden (behind a footer).

When you debug step by step behavior, does the element really appear fully on the screen ? It’s not clear if your error is on scroll action or click, but :

If yes i.e. scroll works, click fails:

  • Maybe the xpath/locator to scroll can not be the same for click (use axes maybe like parent, ancestor…)
  • Click action is too fast, you would use a Wait that element is visible or enabled
  • The element is not fully in the page, so maybe again use axes to point out the next element to add some kind of scroll offset

If scroll fails :

  • As previous first point, locator to click might not be the same to scroll and need adjustment
  • The path/locator might not be wrong, but doesn’t act on what you expect (scroll an upper or wider element already visible for example)


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I would suggest using the Selenium Library.

Run Keyword And Ignore Error Scroll Element Into View yourelementhere

Maybe someone else has a better solution, as i am a newbie myself.
Let me know if it worked.


Thank you so much for the input shared, actually its scroll that is not working. I did a debugging and its scroll thats not working.
For now I did a work around and moved on but its scroll thats the issue.

Hi Thushar,

You didn’t mention is it vertical (up and down) or horizontal (left and right) scrolling that’s not working?


Hi Dave,

It was vertical scroll