Screencaplibrary & azure VM


when using Start Video Recording in azure VM, log file have the embedded video but it seems that video size is always 1KB (recording_1.webm)

Is this because needs of this:
“At the time of this release mss, does not work on GNU/Linux with VNC virtual desktop. As a workaround you can change the screenshot_module value at library import to PyGTK” ?

Can I follow this page instructions for installing: the Digital me: Installing pyGTK, pypango and pycairo on Windows 64bit

Or is there some other reason that the video is not captured? On local laptop it works fine

Yes, I also want to know this answer.
Could anyone kindly help to introduce what " [Using with VNC] " means? Could I start the script in my local machine , then run the bowser in the VNC and record the video in VNC? Thank you~