Question about how to take video in headless mode / VNC

Hello all~ I just join and work with Robot Framework for few months only. >___<

Recently I need to run robot through Jenkins , so it will go to headless mode automatically. ~___~

In my local machine, i will use ScreenCapLibrary to take video.! However, when it is in headless mode in Jenkins , it does not work.

I saw that ScreenCapLibrary mentioned that it can " [Using with VNC]". I tried a “standalone-chrome-debug” from Docker , and able to run my Selenium script in the VNC, for example :
Open Browser chrome # remote_url=

But it is still failed in “Start Video Recording”. /_____\

Would sincerely ask that is there alternative method to take the video. Thank you guys in advance!~

Could anyone kindly help to introduce what " [Using with VNC] " means? Could I start the script in my local machine , then run the bowser in the VNC and record the video in VNC? Thank you~

As long as the system under test is not in headless mode, ScreenCap would record video.
VNC has it’s own recording apparatus, but like you said, the idea is to record the VNC window.

Thank you @HelioGuilherme66 so much for the rapid response and idea ! :confounded:

Yap~ ScreenCap seems working fine for taking a screenshot in VNC.!!~

Unfortunately, when I try to take the video , the script will still take video on my physical machine only , rather than the VNC. May refer the below screenshot for your reference ~

My coding is like this:

Open Browser   chrome          remote_url=
Start Video Recording
Sleep   3s
Stop Video Recording 

But seems it cannot directly take the video from the VNC. /_____\

You probably read this GitHub - rticau/ScreenCapLibrary: Robot Framework test library for capturing screenshots and video recording. (not that it will help in your case).

Maybe you should look at the VNC own recording tool.