Scaling Robot Framework


So a little background, our organization started using Robot Framework about 2 years ago. Everything is going well and we’re actually growing our test project in a healthy pace. We use Visual Studio Code to handle our development and it works great with RobotFrameworkLanguageServer but we noticed that we stopped getting suggestions as we type in our keywords and VSCode fails to bring us to the right file with “Go To Definition”… Anyone have tips how to ease the experience with Robot Framework on larger projects?

there are 2 lsp implementations, which one are you using ?

This one: Robot Framework Language Server - Visual Studio Marketplace

Maybe try GitHub - d-biehl/robotcode: RobotFramework support for Visual Studio Code ? Robocorp’s LSP is not going to last long anymore unless someone sponsors the maintanance or starts to maintain it.

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Wow. I tried that one and it is better. Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll actually suggest this to other teams in our organization too. Appreciate it very much!

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Also, if the language server starts to struggle in your repo, that’s a very clear sign that the repo is probably getting way too big and should be split.