Scalar variables are not green in RIDE

This may be my misunderstanding of how scalar variables work in RFW or misunderstanding the documentation.

If I create variables in a file ( and include it, they show up as “global” in my code and can be seen everywhere as green.

If I create a scalar variable in RIDE (RFW) they seem to be treated as global, but they do not show up in RIDE as green. They show as violet.

Are top level scalar variables not global? They seem to act that way. If that is the case, why do they not show up as green in RIDE as “seen” by the keywords?

In certain conditions the colorization of variables, or other elements is not correct. Sometimes is a matter of missing refresh of the colorization when new elements are added. This will need further analysis, but I am in the process of incorporating Robot Framework, new version 3.2.1, parser in RIDE, so all of this will be revisited.

Ok. So, my assumption is correct. Under normal circumstances, the scalars are essentially global and should be green everywhere?

There should not be any difference in the color of scalars, depending on the scope local or global, they are colored when recognized as defined, and black when not.
Recently we are having problems in recognizing libraries keywords on libraries using the new LibCore, like is SeleniumLibrary.