Same code on two different computers yields different results

I and my colleague have the same Python version, the same plugins, libraries and more importantly the same code. Everything is on the same version. On my computer, our regression solution stops when clicking a continue cta but on his, it doesn’t.

Selenium speed is set to 0.1s on both computers. We both have relatively high-spec computers.

Our IDE is Pycharm.

Do we know why this could be happening?

Kind regards.

Hi Sergio,

You don’t mention which library you are using? not being able to click something can be caused by any number of things but knowing which library you are using and what type of app you are testing will help narrow down the more likely answers, I don’t want to send you off in the wrong direction.


Fair enough, apologies for not mentioning it earlier! I’m testing a website.
Below are the libraries I am using.

Thank you for your time!

Hi Sergio,

Ah so SeleniumLibrary,

So without knowing what error you got, I suspect the issue may be related to the element not being visible in the window or having another element over the top of it?

  • What is the error message you get when it fails on you computer?
  • Also what is the screen resolution and screen scaling settings on both computers?

If I’m correct it might be as simple as using Set Window Size to make sure the browser window is always the same size, but you may also need to use Scroll Element Into View to ensure the element is clickable.

Note: don’t just rely on Maximize Browser Window as If the screen resolution and screen scaling settings are different then the window sizes will still be different.

SeleniumLibrary’s error messages are usually pretty clear as to what the issue is, so including that will help us help you.