Importing library 'SeleniumLibrary' failed

I am a simple script created below to open a google web page. When I exeute the script from the IDE terminal, it works fine. However when I execute the same script from the batch file it throws an error about SeleniumLibrary which I am not able to find a solution. Appreciate your inputs here.

As far as I know, I have the updated versions of software installed.

Below is my basic script and execution result from terminal

Below is the run. bat file


Other software:
Python 3.11.2

Hi Gayathri,

I’m not familiar with pycharm but it looks like pycharm might be using a python venv or a different python installation all together?

You will need to check from the command like what python packages are installed and install any missing in that python environment as well, or configure your batch file to switch to the same python environment as what your IDE uses.

Sorry I can’t give specific details, but hopefully that will guide you in the right direction,