Page stops responding on click of button

Hi Team,
I am trying to click on a “Setting” button and trying to change the value from the drop down, but when I click on the setting button, the page stops responding.
Even if I click manually on the page, no response.
Any idea how to debug this?

Below are the screenshots for reference:

Hi Madhurya,

If i’m reading this correctly, it looks like you are trying to interact with the settings for a tile in a page, i’m guessing there are multiple tiles?

From the error message it looks like your xpath is not specific enough, i.e. it’s finding a refresh interval from another settings pane that’s not visible?

I would suggest checking the refresh interval fields on the settings for other tiles and see if their field names are the same, perhaps you need to use a parent element to specify which tile’s settings dialog contains the refresh interval field you want to interact with.


Hi Dave,
The xpath are all unique for all settings present in the page, but i am not sure why it is freezing the page.

Hi Madhurya,

I’m not sure either, i’ve never seen this behaviour, I was just having a guess at a possible solution, unfortunately you didn’t give use much to help or troubleshoot with.

If you can help with the following we might have a chance of figuring it out:

  • Is this site publicly available? or is there a similar site that is publicly available that you can use to reproduce this issue?
  • which version are you using of:
    • python
    • robot framework
    • selenium library
    • browser name and version


If I’m reading this correctly:

“….Even if I click manually on the page, no response.”

If neither respond, with using the RF/selenium library or when interacting with it manually… could/wouldn’t this not suggest a bug you’ve found? Unless I’ve totally misread this…

Plus this would suggest the timeout error your receiving is valid.