Run keyword if else

Hello, I am starting robot framework and I would like a little help, I created a condition but it does not work, attached the part of my script that does not work, basically I would like that if it sees the current date in the xpath it executes the if condition.

${d}= Get Current Date result_format=%d%m%Y

log     ${d}

${Verification_dossier} =      Element Should Contain      xpath=/html/body/oo-app/main/div/oui-filebrowser-browser/oui-filebrowser-browser-directive/div       ${d}

log     ${Verification_dossier}

run keyword if  ${Verification_dossier}== 'PASS'  Keyword True

… ELSE Keyword False

*** Keywords ***

Keyword True
Double Click Element xpath=//span[contains(.,’${d}’)]
Log to console OK
Close Browser

Keyword False
Log to console KO

{Verification_dossier} can be only True or False. Pass is not an option. So, to make your code work, this should do it: ` log {d} {Verification_dossier} = Element Should Contain xpath=/html/body/oo-app/main/div/ouifilebrowser-browser/oui-filebrowser-browser-directive/div {d} run keyword if {Verification_dossier} Keyword True` ` Run Keyword Unless {Verification_dossier} Keyword False`