Robot script is not running in RFswarm in mobile automation


Currently am trying to run mobile automation. Robot script using RFswam to check the performance of the application.

This is the screenshot I captured while running it

While running this am not seeing any things is getting captured in “RUN” screen of rfswarm-manager

This not running or launch the application on the real mobile device

Hi Dinesh,

Hmm interesting, I never imagined anyone using RFSwam for mobile automation, sounds interesting.

  1. First I guess I need to understand better your setup, I see you have the agent and manager on the same machine, and you set the scenario for 1 robot.
    Are you using appium library? is the mobile device connected to this machine as well?
    I’ve not done any mobile testing in robot framework so my knowledge here is quite limited.
    If you haven’t read Robot File handling (transfer from Manager to Agent) already, I recommend everyone read this as it helps you understand what is happening in RFSwarm, and often helps you understand why things might not run as you might otherwise have expected
    First thing to do for troubleshooting is run the test, wait about 60 seconds and stop the test, switch to the agents tab on the manager and wait till the agent finishes uploading the test result files. go to the results directory, open the logs directory and then one of the individual robot result directories, and check for log.html file and see if the test actually ran, also you can check for a .log file as this will contain the consol output from robot framework and might give you additional information if there are errors
    If you confirmed the test ran and passed successfully then nothing on the run screen might be related to how your keywords are setup (see Keywords)

  2. Second thing I’ll ask about the app your testing, is it a client server app or just a standalone app that runs on a mobile device, Just trying to understand if RFSwarm is the right tool for your requirements? if your focus is running the same app on many mobile devices to make sure the server performs well then you have the right tool, if your focus is just making sure the app performs well on a single mobile device then you don’t really need RFSwarm, just running robot framework on it’s own should give you what you need.


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