Robot scheduling

How do I schedule a robot to check a folder every 5 minutes?I need him to read this folder and get the .PDF files contained in it and add it to another system.Thank you in advance for your help.

Hello there,

My first idea would be a loop (, and inside the loop, a 5 minute sleep?

But I am new to this so not sure…

Yes, a for loop with a read and then a 5 minutes sleep

Hi @doctor,

I would not bother with 5 minutes interval in robot. If you do that, your robot task probably never terminates and thus never generates reports.

Better if you implement the processing in robot, but call robot every X minutes with an external scheduler like for example cronjob or jenkins.


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Hi @doctor,

There’s also the possibility to use Robocorp Cloud for scheduling, depending on the type of task you’re going to build.


I’ll try