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How are you doing guys?
I’m facing a problem with a new instalation of robot frameworwk in a linux environment. I Have installed everything as it is needed but when I try to test in order to see if it is really working, it returns me the message: “command robot not found”. Could anyone help me on setting it up for working fine please?

Captura de tela 2023-12-18 100828

Hi Rafael,

Usually the reason is related to the path environment variable.

From your screenshots I’ll guess your linux environment is some Ubuntu variant? in Spanish?

Sometimes the easy fix is to simply close the terminal window and open a new one (this re-runs .bashrc or similar and updates the path.

Failing that you will need to find the path to your python scripts folder (where the robot python script got installed) and then check $PATH to see if that folder is in the paths to be searched for executables, you may need to update it, check the documentation for your linux environment for how best to do that.

Are you using a python venv? because on my Ubuntu machine (22.04) robot was installed into /usr/local/bin/robot (whereis robot)

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@damies13 The system looks like Ubuntu, and the language is Portuguese. Rafael is probably Brazilian, because of a word we don’t use much in Portugal.

@rafael Like Dave suggested, after using a new terminal, you should check if robot is in the PATH.
Depending on how you installed robot and libraries, with sudo or as user install, the PATH variable must include the directory for the python scripts.

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Hi Dave! Thank you very much for your attention! Yeah, I’m using an ubuntu and it is in portuguese. I thought that it could has something to do with environment variables… I ‘solved’ the problem typing ‘python -m’ before ‘robot’ and it is working fine now… but I’ll check the environment variables out to be sure wether it is right. Thank you again.

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Hi Helio! Yeah… I’m going to check the environment variables to be sure if it is right. thank you for your attention!

p.s I’m brazilian… haha…

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Hey Helio,

Portuguese would have been my second guess, I don’t know enough about either to tell them apart when written :blush: At least I can hear the difference now, I’ll get better.



That’s how i am using it :slight_smile:

alias robot=‘python3 -m robot’

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