Robot Framework with Python to Run test on already opened chrome browser

I am trying to run a robot test with python in an already opened Chrome browser. Below is the code snippet where am setting debuggerAddress to chromeOption.
${service_args}= Create List --log-path=${CHROMEDRIVER_LOG} --verbose
${chromeOptions}= Evaluate sys.modules[‘selenium.webdriver’].ChromeOptions() sys,selenium.webdriver
${chromeCapabilities}= Call Method ${chromeOptions} to_capabilities
Set To Dictionary ${chromeCapabilities[“goog:chromeOptions”]} debuggerAddress
Create WebDriver ${browser} desired_capabilities=${chromeCapabilities} executable_path=${CHROMEDRIVER_PATH} service_args=${service_args}
go to ${test_url}

Chrome browser is been launched in remote-debugger mode from cmd with specific port assigned
chrome.exe --remote-debugging-port=92228 --user-data-dir="C:\Test\ChromeFilesLog"

Despite giving an IP and port , every time i try to run the test, a new chrome browser with different port (not the one given in debuggerAddress) is launched.

Appreciate any help with this issue.

  • Chrome version : Version 103.0.5060.114 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  • Chrome Webdriver version : 103.0.5060.134