Robot Framework 7.0 beta 1 is out!

:robot: Robot Framework 7.0 beta 1 has been released! :loudspeaker:

The most important feature in the beta compared to the previous alphas, and the most important feature in RF 7.0 in general, is the enhanced listener interface. Listeners aren’t typically used directly by normal Robot Framework users, but there are lot of tools that use them internally. The new enhancements make it possible to create even more powerful and interesting tools in the future. For more details about the listener enhancements and other new features see the release notes.

We are now getting close to the final release. There’s only one issue under development and we hope to have the first release candidate out next week. The final release is planned for early January.

I want to thank everyone who has tested the earlier alphas, reported problems, and provided valuable feedback. Now that the final release is getting close, I hope even more people test the beta or latest the release candidate in their environments. This is especially important if you have custom tools or libraries, but just running normal tests to see are there any surprises is a good idea.