Robot Framework 7.0.1 release candidate 1 has been released!

RF 7.0.1 is the first and the only planned bug fix release in the RF 7.0.x series. It fixes all reported regressions as well as some issues affecting also earlier versions. The only bigger enhancement it contains is the new Japanese localization.

Two of the fixes are unfortunately backwards incompatible compared to RF 7.0. Both of them basically revert bad design decisions and change the behavior back to what it was in earlier versions. For more information about these changes and everything else that has been fixed, see the release notes.

We hope that users who have reported issues could test the release candidate to make sure they have been fixed properly. All others are encouraged to test it in their environment as well to help us catch possible new regressions. The final release is planned for Monday June 10.

Big thanks for the Robot Framework Foundation for the continued support. Thanks also for everyone who has contributed code, reported problems, debugged issues, or otherwise helped with Robot Framework 7.0.1 development.


Release candidate 2 is now out. It adds a semi-private API for creating keywords using named arguments with non-string values programmatically. This was needed at least by the DataDriver tool after the earlier API that provided same functionality was removed due to backwards incompatibility issues it caused. See the release notes and issues linked from there for more information.

The final release is still planned for Monday, but making sure everything works as expected may take few extra days.