Robot Framework 5.0.1 rc 1 released

Robot Framework 5.0.1 is the first and most likely also the last bug fix release in RF 5.0.x series. This release candidate contains all planned changes. For more details see the release notes.

Please help making sure that the final release doesn’t contain regressions by testing the release candidate in your environments. The final release is planned for next Monday.

After RF 5.0.1 is out, we’ll fully concentrate on RF 5.1. For a list of planned enhancements see the issue tracker milestone.

There will be some RF 5.1 activity in RoboCon sprints next week. Sprints are free and we provide food and refreshments. The conference costs but you can get a 50% discount for both onsite and online tickets until this Friday with this link.


The final release is now out! No code changes after the release candidate. For details about the fixes see the release notes.