🤖 Robot Framework 6.1 has been released!

Robot Framework 6.1 is a great new release with support for serializing Robot Framework data to JSON, a new external parser API, possibility to mix embedded and normal arguments, Python 3.12 support, and various other interesting new features both for normal users and for external tool developers.

Robot Framework development is sponsored by the Robot Framework Foundation and its over 60 member organizations. If your organization is using Robot Framework and benefiting from it, consider joining the foundation to support development as well. In addition to the sponsored paid development, this release contains several great contributions by our awesome Robot Framework community.

For more details about all the features, fixes, backwards incompatible changes, contributions, and so on, see the release notes. Release packages can be found at PyPI and can be installed with pip install robotframework as usual.

Big thanks to Robot Framework Foundation, all contributions, and to everyone else who has submitted bug reports, proposed enhancements, debugged problems, or otherwise helped to make Robot Framework 6.1 such a great release!