Robot Framework 6.0 rc 1 released

Robot Framework 6.0 is a new major release that starts Robot Framework’s localization efforts. In addition to that, it contains several nice enhancements related to, for example, automatic argument conversion and using embedded arguments. Robot Framework 6.0 rc 1 is the first and hopefully also the last release candidate containing all features and fixes planned to be included in the final release.

For more details about everything that’s new see the release notes.

The plan is to release RF 6.0 final already on Wednesday October 5, 2022, just in time for the RoboCon Germany conference. Please test the release candidate in your environment before that to help us catch possible regressions!

Huge thanks for all the contributors, there were many, and for Robot Framework Foundation for sponsoring my work. If your organization is benefiting from Robot Framework, consider joining the foundation to make sure we have more great releases like RF 6.0 also in the future!


You may wonder what has happened to Robot Framework 5.1 that was just in beta. Well, it grew so big that we considered it’s better to call it a major release and changed the version number accordingly.

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