RoboCon 2023 Online (March 1st to 3rd 2023)

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RoboCon 2023 Online (March 1st to 3rd 2023)

This week there is RoboCon 2023 Online again!


  • over 20 talks
  • Live Q & A
  • Joe Colantonio as our host
  • Live Expert Panel with Pekka and others.
  • Full access to all talks
  • Great community day on Friday.

We want to give you some extra bonus for being active here in Slack.
As a Community member you get extra 20% discount when you use the following voucher code.


Please also spread the word and tell your friends about RoboCon.
This time again in… (as in 2021)

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Banner isn’t very mobile friendly if your looking at improving those in future.

Dismissed and thank you :blush:

thats true, but i tried to improve it and the actual post is ok on mobile, but banner does not work well.

However it did what it shoud do.
Got your attention. :wink:
Hope to see you there.

And just talk to me if you see me walking around there:

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Haha! It definitely did :joy: didn’t think of it as a “bait banner” rendering not that terrible but enough to trigger some OCD …smart :smirk:

… but definitely my iPhones fault, and I know it be perfect on my Nokia 3310


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