Postponed: RoboCon 2022 conference

RoboCon 2022, our 5th annual gathering, is organized January 18-21 as a hybrid conference so that there’s an onsite event in Helsinki, Finland, and it is possible to participate also remotely. Actual conference days are January 19-20 and there’s a workshop day before that and development sprints afterwards. For more information about the conference see

The call for proposals is open and you have time until the end of November to propose a talk or a workshop. Notice that remote participation includes also presenting talks, so you can submit a proposal even if you couldn’t travel to Helsinki. Remote presentations will be pre-recorded to avoid possible technical problems but also they will have a live Q&A. You can find a link to the CFP from the conference pages or go directly to

The ticket shop has just opened as well, so if you know you want to participate and want to buy tickets for cheaper early bird price go to Notice that the amount of early bird tickets is limited and that due to Covid safety measures we are selling less onsite tickets than in earlier years in general. We will offer cheaper online tickets to selected countries with lower general income, but details related to that are still a bit open. We’ll update the information online when everything is clear and I try to remember to add a comment here as well.

Looking forward to see many of you in Helsinki or online in January!


Hi. Do the tickets include access to any workshops or will those be sold separately?

Workshops will be sold separately.

Robocon will be postponed to some time in spring 2022.