New or enhanced libraries/tools to mention in my RoboCon talk?

The annual RoboCon conference is already next week! :fire:

In my traditional keynote I’m going to talk about new features in Robot Framework core as well as the plans for the future. I’m also planning to talk about new additions and enhancements to the wider Robot Framework ecosystem. If you happen to be an author, or a user, of a new or enhanced library or tool, please let me know by replying here or by contacting me otherwise. I promise to give shout-outs to all!

Don’t forget that until Friday you can get both onsite and online tickets with 50% discount:

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I would like to get some love for the development of RIDE.
The version 2.0b1 is on pre-release on more than a year now, and I see people using it and even the current development versions from master.
I plan to pre-release the 2.0b2 in the next week (just before RoboCon 2022), but there are new bugs I want to fix since 2.0b2.dev6.
What I really would like to have, is more people willing to help in coding on Python. Don’t need to be experts, they can be Software Testers like me, wanting to have an hobby :).

(I am now using my development version on my job, and detecting many bugs, so I know they should not be released :slight_smile: )

Please, please, help me getting more people on the project.

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Hi Pekka,

I would be happy for you to mention rfswarm and the progress I’ve made with that project this year.

Also some mention of new libraries that were newly made available for robot framework this year would be a good idea, here are a couple to start your list


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