RIDE : Autocomplete beginning with..?


After using Eclipse (I leave it because the RED plugin isn’t compatible with RF 4.x), I’m trying the RIDE IDE.
It’s a little bit confusing but I have a question : on Eclipse, the autocomplete suggests the keywords which beginning with the word AND the keyword which contains the word.

Example : On Eclipse, I wrote “Value” and the proposals were :

Get Value
Element Attribute Value Should Be

On RIDE, I see that the autocomplete suggests only the keyword which beginning with the word I search.

Example : On RIDE, I wrote “Value” and there aren’t any proposals (because no keywords beginning with the “Value” word):

Is it a specific configuration or RIDE doesn’t have this (usefull) functionality ?

Thanks a lot !


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I don’t recall if that functionality was ever in place. This is the first time I see asking for that global match.

That could be a good proposal to enhance RIDE. If you have the skills, please see how it is implemented in RED and we can adjust RIDE code for it.


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Why use RIDE? What are the advantages? I tried RIDE but quickly reverted back to Visual Studio Code; I have also used PyCharm and IntelliJ for Robot Framework development. The VS Code plug-in only suggests based upon “Beginning with” - so no improvement, no difference there.

This is the Extension I used on VS Code:

Name: Robot Framework Intellisense
Id: tomiturtiainen.rf-intellisense
Description: Robot Framework Intellisense
Version: 2.8.0
Publisher: Tomi Turtiainen
VS Marketplace Link: Robot Framework Intellisense - Visual Studio Marketplace

RIDE was the first and only dedicated IDE for Robot Framework. It was created in 2008 (if I am not in error) and sponsored by Nokia Networks up to 2016. There have been a lot of improvements, but development has been slowed down, due to several factors (including a major change in Robot Framework 3.2.1).
People used to newer IDE may not like RIDE, but they probably don’t know some of the good features it has.
One feature I like the most is to have the keyword’s documentation at hand.

This request for autocomplete would be a nice improvement to consider after releasing RIDE 2.0.

Thanks for all for your answers.

After severals days using RIDE, i don’t feel comfortable with the tools.
So i have came back to RED standalone (with RF 3.2.2).

Perhaps if RIDE has many improvment, I would try it again :slight_smile: