Remote machine connection

  1. Recently I have started on Robot Framework with Python and as per one requirement I need to connect remote machine and upload one file at particular folder.
    Is it possible with Robot Framework?

  2. Can we access outlook account with Robot Framework? as per one requirement we need to verify the notification email get generated or not after some action in our application. If yes then how to do that?

Hi Gituwalia,

  1. sure that’s possible,
  • how do you get the file there when you do it manually?
    • windows file copy?
    • ftp / sftp?
    • web form submit?
  • Should the test automation do it the same way? Once you know which file transfer protocol you need it should be easy enough to identify a suitable library.
  1. There’s a couple of libraries that might help here:


We already have azure portal where we login with microsoft account and after logging in that portal we go to our test environment virtual machine and upload file.

Hi Gituwalia,

There are not currently any Robot framework Libraries for any of the remote desktop protocols so you’ll need to find another way to automate getting the file onto the virtual desktop.

FYI - I’m not entirely sure which protocol Azure uses for it’s virtual desktops, I know AWS uses a modified PCoIP protocol with a customised login, my guess is that Azure probably uses the RDP protocol (given that Microsoft owns both the RDP protocol and Azure), but this is academic anyway

  • The easiest option would be to automate downloading the file inside the virtual machine, you just need to put the file somewhere that virtual machine can access to download the file.
    • If you have DropBox, OneDrive, GoogleDrive or one of the other cloud drives, you could put the file there and share it, most of the cloud drives will give you a url when you share a file, so this might be an option
    • Even easier is if you have OneDrive, the virtual desktop probably already has OneDrive installed so you can setup your virtual desktop to login to OneDrive and your files will automatically get downloaded to the virtual desktop, likewise if you can install one of the other cloud drives on your virtual desktop that would be the easiest way
    • If you have a Version control server it might have a web interface where you can download a checked in file, e.g. github, gitlab (internally hosted gitlab?) etc

Other than that I guess you might need to ask your site admin what protocols they recommend for file transfer to the virtual desktop, when you get the options come back here and we can try to help you find a library or method that can work with one of those methods.

Hopefully this will give you some ideas,