How to send inbuilt report to email in robot framework

How to send email attachment of inbuilt report(report.html)in robot framework.

Kindly help me on this?

Hi Vishnuvardhan,

Your question is not clear what you are wanting to acheive?

You can simply attach the file to an email using your preferred email client just as you would any other file.

If you are asking how to use robot framework to send the email? remember the html files don’t get generated until after the test has been completed so that is not possible within the context of the robot framework test as you can’t send a file that doesn’t yet exist.

So emailing the report would have to be done by an external process from your robot framework test, this could however in theory be another robot framework test/task that automates the attachment of the file to an email using your preferred email client.

Hopefully this helps,



After test completes report has to trigger to our management through outlook.

Hi Vishnuvardhan,

As I mentioned the report file doesn’t exist until after the suite tear down has completed, so you need a process external to Robot Framework to do this for you.

Are you using a CI/CD process (automated build) to run the test? If so It might be easiest to get that process to send the email for you.

I obviously have no knowledge of your environment so can’t really answer your question unless you give some indication on what you want to do and what tools you have.


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Hello Dave,

After test execution is completed , a default report will be generated and this file available in the project folder in the form of HTML.(Refer Robot1.png and Robot2.png)

I want to trigger this HTML report via outlook .