End to end testing

I’m kind of new to robot, lnly a few months I work with it and so far I’m impressed :slight_smile:
I have the need now to automate a simple test that change some parameters from a web GUI from a server (that’s not a problem I can use the selenium robot library) and then chech that those parameters changed some settings in a config file on some clients (windows and linux):
Would be nice if I can verify the clients in parallel (not one by one)
any suggestion?
the SSH library maybe? Used together Pabot?

Thanks for your suggestions’ :wink:

That seems a good option. Just need to have access to clients Windows and Linux with SSH. I would try to get the config file and do the verification on the host where robot/pabot is running.

The idea seems good but I think SSH is not enabled on windows by default :frowning:

It is very easily enabled though at least in windows 10. Manage additional features > add new feature and openssh should be in the list.