Reducing Hierarchy Levels & Improving Visibility of Robot Reports


I have a test suite, in which each test loops through some machines and performs tests on them.
I’m trying to make the Robot report more direct and visible, with as little hierarchy levels as possible.

I tried using a Template Keyword but it only made the Report more complicated.

I’m attaching a simplified examples of the structure of my test.

I’d appreciate any tips on ways to make Robot reports cleaner/ more readable/ more visible.

Thanks :slight_smile:

And here’s an example of how that report looks like:

Hi Ofir,

I’d suggest you look into test templates.

  • Set the contents of the for loops as the content of a keyword each
  • keep the test’s names but structure them as you see in Templates with FOR loops

The end result should be you end up with 9 test cases run, as first test would be run 3 times, once for each host, and so on for the second and third test.