Record and replay

I am new to RobotFramework, I just wanted to know whether RobotFramework has a record and replay feature. I cannot find any documentation which indicates it does.


Hi Hiep,

Generally no there is no “record” functionality in robot framework and it’s not really needed especially if you use an editor like RIDE or RED that have templates robot files and autocompletion (I personally just use the atom text editor, so use what ever works best for you, try a few options and see what you like)

There is however a “recorder” plugin for Chrome that will generate selenium library test cases which can be found in the chrome web store and on github it doesn’t appear to have been updated since 2018 though.

As the syntax for a robot file is very simple and quite easy to read there is not really a need for a recorder option, after you have created a couple simple test cases you’ll be on your way and wont really be wanting a recorder anyway. If you stuck and not sure how to do something just ask in this forum, most people here are quite friendly and helpful.

Hope that helps,


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Hi @hiepwork08

RoboCorp published a fork of the RoboCorder for Chrome mentioned by @damies13 : Robocorp Recorder - Chrome Web Store

You can even choose between generating Selenium or Browser keywords.


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