QA for Robot code - static call relationship analysis

Hi all, my first question here :slightly_smiling_face: Working in on a couple of robot projects within one company we started thinking about ensuring Robot code qualitiy more strictly. We found robocop … very good linting tool, we already use it.
But we are also looking for an analysis tool to see calling relationships, something like a call graph (static analysis, not during runtime). Because we would like to enforce call hierarchies.

Is there somebody out there doing static call relationship analysis with robot code?
Thanks for any hints,

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Nice to hear you find Robocop useful - you can also try Robotidy (Robotidy documentation — Robotidy 1.2.0 documentation) for autoformatting.

This kind of analysis for Robot Framework could be done in two ways - either by analysing robot output file (and its done for example by rfhub2 - there’re counting how often you used given keyword) or by static analysis of your files. As far as I know it’s not done by anyone yet. It is good idea for separate tool though.

Thanks for your input, helpful. Good to know, I will give Robotidy a try as well.