Robocop - linter for Robot Framework

For those of you who like clean and beautiful code I present you Robocop - the new linter for Robot Framework. It has some cool features like generating reports, reading arguments from file or configurable parameters! 1st release already has many features in place but there are still more exciting things to come so stay tuned and give us a start if you like it and don’t forget to try it out:

We (@mnojek and @bhirsz) are open for new collaborators! If you have any questions please use our slack channel:

Hey Folks,

Cool stuff! :sunglasses::+1:t3:

One question:
Why do you have a separate Slack Channel?
Would be easier do open a channel in!


Very good idea about the slack channel, but unfortunately this name (robocop) is already taken by some user and cannot be used as a name for the channel :frowning_face:
We need to try with something else.

Sounds awesome! Do you have an example report? Maybe one created from your robot tests in robocop. Robocop lintering itself would be a cool demo.

I’m glad that you like it!
Today I added an example output to README file.
Is it enough or were you thinking about something else? :slight_smile:

René, I created a channel in RF slack: #robocop-linter

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Check out RF Cookbook - we have 20+ recipes awaiting your linting analysis :wink:

Excellent project by the way. I had one of those “I can’t believe nobody has done this before” moments.


@adrianyorke well, Brian O made rflint but it didnt use the new parser api =)