Process how to start a new robot framework core feature

Hi team,

we are developing at Bosch since 10 years a python based test fullautomation framework. With our experience we would like to contribute now to robot framework core.

  1. I wonder if there is a process how new features are proposed, agreed and finally implemented?
  2. I wonder if there is a process how to find already planned features/bugfixes where we can contribute. I have a team where I can assign tasks - now.

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To contribute to Robot Framework, the first thing you need is to clone the project from GitHub.

Then you should read CONTRIBUTING.rst

I strongly advice to always run the Unit/Acceptance tests.

Also it is very important to discuss the features, before stating working on them.

Fell free to work on existing issues, you think are important to fix :).

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Hi Hélio Guilherme,
thank you for your quick answer.
“Also it is very important to discuss the features, before stating working on them.”
Is there a process for this or I simply add here a new topic?
Thank you,

first think of a problem you want to solve from perspective: could it be solved by a external library or would it require change to core ?

If its former, go forth and make one, if its latter: i’d start by filing a issue @ Issues · robotframework/robotframework · GitHub and describing what you want to accomplish and possibly how … Pekka & co will most likely comment on the process and if the approach is acceptable or not.

And finally, I’m not part of the foundation but i’d assume companies that are part of it, have some weight in the direction of where Robot Framework is or should be going.

There’s also monthly meeting on google meets where bunch of core people talk about future things, that is also a good place to start conversation.

And finally, there’s robot framework slack - invites here: