Robot Framework Demo project with all features

Please share demo project which has covered all features(Github link)


It’s not clear what you are asking for, but If I take your question literally I doubt such a “demo project” exists or ever will exist, there are far too many libraries available for one demo project to cover all of them.

RobotFramework’s core is a basic framework that provides a easy to use testing framework and some basic libraries (or plugins if you prefer)

In addition there are a whole lot of additional libraries (or plugins) written by other third parties that can be used with RobotFramework to extend it’s functionality to enable testing of applications that are not covered by the core libraries.

I doubt there is one person that has used every feature available from every library that is available for Robot Framework, nor are you ever likely do need to. The key is to learn the basic structure of a robot file and then refer to the keyword documentation for the libraries you want to use.

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Hi Dave,

Thanks for your valuable reply.

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Maybe this collection of Robot Framework recipes using different libraries is interesting for you: